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Guidelines to Severe Weather


If you see large hail, damaging winds, a funnel cloud, rotation, or a tornado on the ground, you can contact the National Weather Service (NWS) to report the sighting at 800-681-2972

The NWS can then verify by radar and other instruments and send out a warning to the effected areas letting people in the community know of the present danger by means of the weather radio, tv and radio broadcast warnings and alerts on your smart phones.

There are weather spotter classes that will be available to the community, normally in the spring and we will inform you when and where these classes will take place.

These classes can be found at Skywarn which is a network of trained spotters, where you will learn what to look for when severe weather approaches.


You can also click this link for spotter information and training with the National Weather Service.





You can also attend Tom Skilling's Severe Weather Seminar held at the Fermilab facility in Batavia, IL. this up coming spring.

We will have full details and dates of these events, when they become available.


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