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The Manhattan Weather Channel is a non for profit group, and there are monthly costs to maintain our website and domain, email, the purchase of weather chasing and spotting equipment including HD Cameras, our Drone (Vortex 1) our storm tracker vehicle (Vortex 2) on site weather station and production forecast costs both in studio and remote.

The Manhattan Weather Channel has also been featured on Fox 32 Good Morning Chicago with Mike Caplan several time and on WGN.



 By becoming a sponsor, you will help us keep the Manhattan Weather Channel up and running to serve our community and at the same time get great exposure for your business:) Our viewership is consistently growing throughout Will County and the surrounding collar counties.

Your sponsorship includes your business listing on our daily facebook Local Forecast Video, posted once a week on our facebook page and daily on our website, which will include a link to your business to drive customers to your website

Your business will also get feature as a sponsor on our live broadcast updates in rotation with our other sponsors.



We will also do a live stream promoting your business.

You can sponsor for one full year at $400

This is a view of the activity on our facebook for a single week. We average over 150,000 Post Engagements, 3/4 of million people reached and around 67,000 people viewing our videos a month. We have over 15,880 people who follow our facebook page and growing every day. That is great exposure to our area:) 68% of our viewers are woman and the average age of people how follow our page are between 35 and 65.


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Thank you to the Manhattan Weather Channel...

Brad & Karen Bothwell here. We own Bothwell Farms, a small independent greenhouse and farm stand with 2 locations plus we do local farmers markets. We have been following Manhattan Weather Channel for the very informative, local, up to the minute weather reports and forecasts for our area. We approached the director of operations, Dan, and asked about getting information about severe weather for the areas that we are doing markets or our permanent stands. He was able to provide us with detailed forecasts for where we would be set-up. We set up 12 or more 10x10 market tents, and severe weather could cost us thousands if we are not prepared. Due to their forecasting, we are always prepared. We asked about compensation, and he offered us a sponsorship package, which has been well received. The Manhattan Weather Channel will send out their mobile chase vehicle and do live broadcasts from our location. We see a direct increase in sales when they do a live broadcast. Definitely worth every dollar we spend with them!

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